Let me introduce… Mi MIX !

It is without borders!


Yeah! Really, big black beautiful monster!


Let have some details … link to specification XioMi Mi MIX


We can see force-style to buying this smartphone.

Just about 2 weeks and we don’t not know about availability of this gadget and his price. Forex could not be like a competitor in that issue!


So,  how it started:




6.4 inch display is assembled by Mi MIX Edgeless technology (frameless) and occupies 91.3% on the front panel, which is an absolute world record. Note that the screen is not quite right: it is slightly rounded at the corners, in order to better fit into the framework and look more minimalistic and natural.



What we have:


Xiaomi Mi MIX – the world’s first fully ceramic smartphone, assembled by the technology seamless fixtures, absolutely no glue and plastic. In this assembly method Xiaomi engineers inspired by the latest trends in construction.

The back cover, frame, function keys made of zirconia ceramics, without special fixing elements. As You know, ceramic came to us from springs flagship Mi 5, and it directly from the aerospace industry. Due to the novelty of the technology of manufacturing the ceramic body at that time, it was extremely difficult to make and the model has not received widespread.

The design of Mi MIX developed a well-known industrial designer Philippe Starck.

Due to the really huge screen and the lack of a framework had to sacrifice the speakerphone, which is simply not enough area. Xiaomi has used Mi MIX console piezoceramic acoustic technology, which allows you to transmit sound through vibrations. So that future owners of Mi MIX will listen to his callers in the literal sense of the word through the glass.

Also, the usual infrared proximity sensor replaced with an ultrasonic that not only save space on your phone, but also to make it more reliable, and of course, technological.