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Xiaomi Amazfit Moon Beam Ceramic Rose Gold-White


Unique and elegant form AmazFit can be worn as a pendant, it suitable for all occasions: trainings, work, parties. With AmazFit bracelet you have the opportunity to daily measure the distance covered, to control the number of calories burned during sports activities, to set the frequency of your sleep phases and to set alarm clocks. The main components of the bracelet Xiaomi AmazFit are a motion sensor and a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. The bracelet is powered by a 15mAch battery and the ultra-low power consumption ensures the continuous work for 10 days without recharging!

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Product Description

Xiaomi Amazfit Moon Beam Ceramic

Made Unique With Ceramic. Minimal Design.
Simple and pure, the ceramic center has been reduced to its essential. As a functional element, the aperture in the center creates endless opportunities for accessories
Thouthfully Crafted
Each ceramic piece has undergone 30 manufacturing procedures, polished over 120,000 times and fired at 1450? to achieve the perfect shine and luster

Amazfit Advantage
Ceramic Casing
Low thermal conductivity, comfortable and hypoallergenic.Hardness second only to diamond and sapphire – creating a long lasting, luminescent, and strong surface
Light Weight Batter Battery
Advanced shaped battery with 15mAh capacity
Waterproof of IP68
Continue your daily routines without having to remove your band
Wireless Charging
As easy as charge and go
New Generation ADI Sensors
The chip is smaller yet more powerful

Keep on Tracking
Amazfit Means a Healthier You
Track and record steps taken distance cadence and calories burned
Sweet Dreams With Amazfit
Track sleep patterns and duration for a smart night’s sleep
Smart Vibrations
Wake up with Amazfit
Continuously Connected
Vibrations alert you to important calls or messages
Seamlessly Simplify Your Life
Connect all your devices to Amazfit for an effortless lifestyle
Wireless Charging Cool and Convenient
10 Days Battery Life Compact Charger
Style And Sport Meet Technology
Activity Analysis
Steps Sports + Calories
Alarms + Alerts
Vibrations Indicate Incoming Calls And Set Alarms
Sleep Sensitive
Track And Analyze Sleep Patterns
Smart Systemes
Seamless Connects To Technology Devices For A Smarter Lifestyle
Wireless Charging
Cool And Convenient

Amazfit Midong APP:Personal Health and Fitness Couch Synced to Your Phone
Store your movements – walking and running
Monitor and analyze your non-waking hours
How does it analyze your health

• Bluetooth 4.0
• Waterproof IP68
• Wrist Band length: 151mm-208mm
• Weight: 8g (not include wrist band)
• Wrist Band Material: leather(would better not touch water)
• Power capacity: 15mAh
• Charge time: 1.5 hours
• 10 days standby

Full Description

An   exquisite and elegant fitness tracker by   a   famous Chinese brand. Simple rigorous design, the removable exchangeable strap. AmazFit can be   worn as   a   bracelet or   a   necklace.


  • Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi       
  • Water resistance IP68
  • Compatibility with Xiaomi MiFit application
  • 15mAh battery
  • 10 days of work with one battery charge

Due to its unique and elegant form AmazFit can be worn as a pendant, which makes it suitable for all occasions: trainings, work, parties.

With AmazFit bracelet you have the opportunity to daily measure the distance covered, to control the number of calories burned during sports activities, to set the frequency of your sleep phases and to set alarm clocks. AmazFit will help you to get the rhythm of your life under control!

To feel fresh and full of energy, you just need to sleep fully. And to ensure a healthy sleep and a light morning rise the AmazFit with its ability to control the phases of your sleep and to wake you at the time you’ve set will come to the aid.

The main components of the bracelet Xiaomi AmazFit are a motion sensor and a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. The bracelet is powered by a 15mAch battery and the ultra-low power consumption level ensures the continuous work of AmazFit for 10 days without recharging!

Xiaomi AmazFit has a circle shape, the module is made of zirconium oxide (this will provide higher level of wear resistance) and can be used as a bracelet or a pendant, moreover the device is hypoallergenic.

Xiaomi AmazFit is made according to the ingress protection standard IP68 and is fully protected against dust and water.

The future is in modern technologies. With smart bracelet Xiaomi AmazFit the future is in your hands!


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